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Update of the last year and a half

Looking at my journal I realized I have not posted anything since our engagement. Since then, we have gotten married and moved to Durham,NC. Jarrod is finishing his intern year of his ENT residency at Duke, I just got my massage therapy license, and we just bought a house. We are SUPER happy, and we are planning on growing our family in a couple of years. North Carolina is amazing! We have made some really great friends here, and we love it! We are also training for a 5K in August, and we spend our free time together running, getting our new house ready, enjoying delicious food and drink at the local pubs and restaurants, and spending time with Anni. That is it in a nutshell!

Three year anniversary

SO, my day began with my loving boyfriend making me breakfast, and surprising me with flowers. We spent a lazy morning together and then it was off to our couples massage (another gift from my love).There was a bouquet of lillies on my massage table. (awwwww) It was AWESOME!!! We came home and lazed around for awhile, then it was off to get a mani and a pedi since we were going to our friends' engagement party. The party was great. A majority of our Tampa friends were there and we loved being able to celebrate the engagement of our friends. Jarrod said he was getting tired and wanted to go so we said our goodbyes. As we walked out of the front door I looked down and there was a bouquet of lillies on the walkway. I thought to myself "How sweet!, he was continuing the theme of the day. I picked up the flowers and Jarrod said "Look at the flowers, I think you missed something." There tied to the ribbon was...

Jarrod got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!
We walked back inside and we were greeted by our friends congratulating us. It was so amazing and I definitely thought I was going to faint a few times. A special thanks goes to Thure and Brooke for letting us share our joy on the day that they were celebrating theirs.

~The future Mrs. Keeler

More Marvin

Our newest family member

This is Marvin. Our beautiful 82 lb Greyhound. He is a black and tan brindle. He is four years old, and he is PERFECT!!! We already took him on his first trip to PetsMart and he did AWESOME! He was very good with the adult male German Shepard that we met and even better with the Rottweiler/Shepard mix puppy that was about as big as Marvin's head. I was a little worried when we passed by a cat in it's carrier with the door open, but our boy was splendid! He was rewarded for his good behavior with lots of ear rubs, pats, and a squeaky purple penguin (Marvin LOVES squeakers). Annelise got to spend about an hour with him this morning before she had to go to her dad's house. Marvin is Annelise's VERY early birthday present. They are already becoming as thick as thieves. Marvin will bound up the stairs after Annelise and stand on her bed waiting for pets. It is adorable! There will be more info in lucide13 post.

New Job Etc...

For those of you who don't know yet, I got a new job. I am a receptionist at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Tampa. My schedule is so SWEET! M-F 8am-5pm. I get an hour paid lunch, and my coworkers are SUCH great people. It is a LOT less work and stress than my previous job. I am also a proctor for Prometric IT tests. I had to take a test to get certified. The only suck thing about my job is that it is 15 miles from my house and I have to take I275 (which I have charmingly nicknamed THE PARKING LOT). Everything else is going pretty well also. Jarrod and I are doing great! Annelise is in a great school, and she takes the bus so I don't have to worry about getting her to school. Admittedly there have been times that the bus has been late. I wait with her at the bus stop and then go to work. Jarrod is pretty busy with medical school, but he takes time out to spend with us, which I really appreciate. We also schedule one date night a week just him and I to catch up on each others lives, and just be together with no distractions. We usually go this great little sushi place down the street from our house. We love the food, and we are on a first name basis with the waitress. It is so cozy and romantic. Well this was an update from Lili land. I hope you are all doing well!

I came back

I originally deleted my LJ account a few weeks ago because of my crazy...
I decided that to let my crazy limit my actions was tantamount to giving it control over them.

The Journey

Today is the day before my big move to Tampa. I am excited, terrified, anxious, exhilarated, and a whole host of other emotions all at once. This is BIG. This is me moving my whole life to another city. It is what I want. It is what I have wanted for some time now, but my crazy mind can't stop thinking about the last big move I made that ,like this one, was to be closer to the person that I loved. It is scarier now because this is not some hokey teenage crush like before. This is serious. This is me and Annelise and Jarrod as a package deal. I am, after almost two years of slowly inching into the water, ready to dive all the way in. I know that I have found the man that I truly love, and now I just need to get over my own crazy and realize that happily ever after is up to me...

(I love you Dr. J)
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